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AICO Incarnation

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime. It was surprisingly well written, and the animation was truly wonderful. This was a beautiful work of art.

Plot: It’s a little complicated, so in order to avoid spoilers i’ll keep it simple. It takes place in the future where they’ve successfully created artificial life, but something goes seriously wrong. An infection called Burst begins spreading and the government can only quarantine the area, but since it’s full of important scientific research they occasionally send people in to collect information, but it’s a dangerous job.

Our main character Aiko seems to be the root of her problem. She’s a young girl who supposedly has health issues. Her family was lost when the Burst first started. She’s a very kind, cheerful, and some what clumsy girl. Later in the anime we learn what her connection to the Burst is.

Kanzaki is a fellow student and has a lot of secrets. He seems to know a lot about the Burst and Aiko as well. When he enters the story we learn that Aiko’s family is still alive, but they’re trapped. Don’t worry that’s not a spoiler.

Together Aiko and Kanzaki will travel into the center of the Burst and attempt to save humanity. However, they will not go alone. Characters: Shiraishi was one of my favorite characters she was very kind and responsible. She was definitely the team mom. If Shiraishi was the mom then Daisuke was the dad. He was cool, calm, and really nice. Then there’s Sagami he was a very serious and mature character. At first I dislike him, but once I learned more about him he started to grow on me. Minase was not a favorite of mine,but he was a nice guy. Personally he was sort of annoying to me but in an endearing way. Misawa seemed really annoying at first and was always bragging about herself, but later on she becomes really cool and dependable. Seri wasn’t really likable but only because she seemed undeveloped. She didn’t really have enough speaking lines and honestly I forgot about her sometimes.

While it was in fact a serious anime it still had its funny and cute moments. One frequently occurring thing was Aiko being carried by the others at random times. It was like she didn’t weigh a thing. Her reactions when it happens are always hilarious. Another thing that made this anime fun and cute was the subtle romance between the two main characters.

Finally I just loved Aiko she was such a strong character. Honestly, I thought she was going to be weak and whinny but it was the opposite. Aiko was a total bamf. She was willing to fight for her friends and do the right thing for the sake of humanity no matter the cost.

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AICO Incarnation

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