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An Overdue Review – Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra…

An Overdue Review – Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

With Generation 7 coming to a close, and clues to the eighth on the horizon, I feel it is time to go over these games. Going to go ahead and say this, Pokemon Sun and Moon are my least favorite games of this franchise.

Story: A new spin on the Pokemon tale, and I don’t care for it. Getting rid of the gyms and their leaders was a poor choice in mu opinion. The island trials were not challenging at all and incredibly boring. Especially after coming from Moon to Ultra Moon in a matter of months, I had no interest in the trials since it was all what I had seen before. Speaking of Ultra Sun and Moon I did not like the story aspect. I was hoping that Rainbow Rocket was going to be part of the story but it wasn’t, the story was more or less reused from the first games. I was expecting more of what Black and White 2 did as a sequel. I felt it would have been interesting if Lillie comes back to Alola after she has traveled all around Kanto and she helps you fight against Giovanni and the other big bad bosses. It felt like playing SUMO was a waste of time if none of the character development transitioned from that game to USUM. I also saw no desire to be with my “partners” throughout the game. Hau, Lillie, and Rotom were not interesting travel partners. Can I just say, I don’t want a friend to go on an adventure with me like Hau or Rotom Dex, that’s what MY pokemon are for. I would rather have a jerk rival akin to Blue or Silver. This trend of friendly companions is getting quite old.

Game play: In this department, I see no reason to ever SUMO. SUMO is a half baked game while USUM is the complete package. Nintendo tried to breathe life into the game by adding codes for Mega Stones while in USUM you can get them directly in the game. I enjoyed all the little side quests in USUM. None are too difficult but each one feels rewarding and fun. My biggets complaint with this game is how linear it is. I am going to quote Arin Hanson here: “You are no longer on a pioneer of adventure, you are a guest at Disney Land” (Sequelitis). That rings so true in Alola that it is almost unbearable. You are having your hand held the entire time and I honestly hate it. There are people with road blocks that are saying “You cannot go in here until you do X thing” I would rather go into a place and get utterly demolished than have someone tell me not to do it. You should reward me for exploring not punish me.

Presentation: One of the most cinematic Pokemon games, but thats not always a good thing. Sure, the cutscenes are nice, but I would rather make them short and to the point. Sometimes they are too wordy and I would rather have something visually shown to me rather than reading it in dialouge. Like I would have rather seen Lusamine as a good and caring parent so her current selfish self has some juxtaposition. Same with Necromza, we read how terrifying it is but we never see a before-and-after shot. Like a “Before Necromza attacked Ultra Megalopolis” and an after. This game also has unbearable frame rate. As stated multiple times I hold frame rate in a pretty high regard so this is inexcusable. During Z Moves or when a pokemon calls for help the game’s frame rate just takes a nose dive and it sucks you out of the experience. On a more positive note, I love alot of the soundtrack. I hate Hau’s theme but every other theme is fantastic. The Elite 4 and Guardian Deity songs are my favorites. With the remixed boss themes for Rainbow Rocket and the Ultra Worm Holes legendaries are pretty great. 

I give Pokemon Sun and Moon a C- . While I give Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon a B. The frame rate and boring plot stop this from getting any higher.

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An Overdue Review – Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra…

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