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An Overdue Review – The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the…

An Overdue Review – The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild

Nintendo’s newest installment to Zelda franchise: Breath of the Wild. The moment this game was released in 2017 the gaming community exploded. 10/10s showing up everywhere. As a massive fan of the Zelda franchise I had to play this game to see what the whole hoopla was about. Needless to say, I don’t think this game deserves a perfect score because it is far from perfect, but it is a fantastic game and here are my thoughts!

Story: One of the best Zelda game stories period. Simple and easy to get enthralled into. Because of the simple plot this game has immense replay value. Most of the plot is also optional, you will get most of the story from fragmented memory cutscenes but none are necessary for beating the game. Heck you can even beat the game right after finishing the tutorial area. I will say one major I have with this game is the ending. The game ends with Zelda asking Link “Do you remember me?” and no matter how many fragmented memories you found NOTHING changes and that is incredibly disappointing!!! I loved the dynamic between Zelda and Link through the memories so I would have loved to see Link and Zelda embrace each other with loving affection.

Gameplay: Another hit or miss with me. The first major issue is the frame rate. The frame rate is smooth until you are in a mass of trees and grass or when fire breaks out. The frame rate DROPS like a massive boulder. The place where you get the master sword, Korok Forrest, is the worst offender. A place surrounded with fog, trees and grass is just a recipe for disaster. Another issue comes with the weapon durability. I would have no problem if there was a repair system like in Fallout 3 but there is none. Instead every couple or in game days we get the “Blood Moon” which is an annoying cutscene that breaks all immersion and respawns every single enemy and weapon. I could do without that. Next comes the quests. Some are good and some are confusion. I would have done more of them if Nintendo did more of the Elder Scrolls or Fallout approach where every single quest has a quest marker so you just follow the marker. And for players who don’t want a marker and rather find it on their own they can easily turn off this in the settings. I did very few quests because I did not want to put in the energy to try and find where the quest was going to take me. I would also have liked to see more dungeons rather than a bunch of shrines and Divine Beasts.

I like the variety in weapons and armor! A lot of the armor and weapons are super creative and I love the armor leveling up. The DLC for this game is also incredible but the armor you receive CANNOT be improved which is so stupid.

Music: The music is terrible compared to other zelda games. The songs are scarce and when they are used I almost never notice it.

My final grade for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a B. This game has way too many design errors to be anywhere near perfect. But this is still a fantastic game to play and will easily consume many hours of your life!

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