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Attack on Titan: The Hunters Review

Hey guys Kris here and sorry but there will be no video review of this week’s Attack on Titan episode due to Jan being busy for the weekend so instead I’ll do a full review here on Tumblr. Luckily enough this episode was rather tamed so this will be a rather short review.

The first half of the episode consists of the other characters, specifically Erwin and Jean, being put up to speed on what’s been going on from these past few episodes. With both Levi and now Hanji incapacitated at the moment it’s finally time for Erwin to take over and lead the mission of rescuing Eren and Ymir from Reiner and Bertholt.

Let’s do this shit.

The second half consists of a flashback of Eren, Mikasa, and Armine’s childhood of them dealing with bullies and this is my one gripe of the episode. It just brings up that Eren is always running off on his own and Mikasa and Armin have to constantly save his ass. I get that it was to enforce that Armine and Mikasa will always have Eren’s back but we already got that from season one, it kinda felt like padding for the episode.

Though I did like the almost fatherly roll Hannes takes up this episode, we can understand why they’re so down, everything was going relatively well given the circumstances and then BAM. Eren has been kidnapped again and Reiner has a 5 hour lead ahead of everyone. It’s a shame we didn’t much of Hannes last season but he played his part well in motivating Mikasa and Armine back into the fight by reminding them of, if want to call it that, “good ole days”. With Hannes being a usless drunk of a soldier and the trio fighting off bullies instead of Titans. Mikasa and Armine aggressively eating their rations reminds me so much of Eren eating his food at the end of season one, it shows that they’re not going to let this set back stop them and this fight is far from over.

By the end everyone who is able, sets off to find Eren and Ymir thanks to Hanji working out a strong possibility of their location and Eren waking up with his arms cut off. Overall I thought this was an okay episode, it definitely was the “break” episode considering all the crazy shit that’s been going on for the past for episodes. Though I do felt like that flashback was added for padding it did serve a purpose so I’m not too bothered by it. Nothing much happened really, the biggest thing was that Erwin is going to be the one leading the mission to save Eren and Ymir and I’m rather excited to see him take center stage as being a leader, since he primarily has been in the background for most of this series. So that’s all I gotta say see you guys next week, PEACE!


P.S. I love that even though both Eren and Mikasa are so goddamn hard-headed, they always listen to Armine.

Armine “Voice of Reason” Arlert

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Attack on Titan: The Hunters Review

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