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Gundam Build Fighters

Not nearly as bad as I thought I would be. It really seems like a childish and immature concept especially when compared to the seriousness of the original Gundam series. Gundam Build Fighters takes an interesting approach towards the universe filled with giant killer robots and instead makes it seat in a normal semi futuristic era where Gundams are popular plastic model toys used in a fight simulator game called Gunpla.

You simply buy a gundam model and build it. You’re allowed to make any design and use any type of base you choose, you can paint it and make it your own. To play you just place it on a virtual reality console thing and start your battle. There’s a catch though if your gundam is destroyed then you have to remake it all over again. That’s tedious.

I truly enjoyed the first season of this show. Even if it was over complicated at times and really childish. To be honest it gave me an original Yugioh vibe and I liked that. The characters: Iori, Reiji, and China, and lots more were really cool and enjoyed Gunpla which made you enjoy it as well. Iori is our blue haired main character he loves creating Gundams, but he’s no good in a battle. Reiji has red hair and he’s never heard of Gunpla, but he’s a natural at the game and does battles for Iori. Both of them grow as characters through the show. China is a girl from Iori’s class who likes him and becomes interested in Gunpla to support him. She even builds her own Gunpla.

Despite the fact these are just toys the game is taken very seriously. Every characters has a goal to achieve and a reason for battling. For them it’s more than just a game you’re on the battle field.

Season two is where things get both complicated and boring. It’s been about seven years since the original season and we have a whole new cast of characters. The show also has a change in animation style that really bugged me.

The characters are dull and repetitive and don’t really seem to live Gunpla as much as the original. The show didn’t really have a story and every battle just seemed like an assured victory. Our main character Sekai seems like a copy of Reiji right down to his hair color, but he’s just so boring and predictable. While Fumina was an loud annoying character who seemed pretty selfish over all.

It had a completely different vibe and didn’t seem to value the Gundams that came before. Unlike season one where there were plenty of references this season didn’t seem to care. It also had a lot of plot holes and useless characters who didn’t contribute. The battles in season two were team orientated but every character was selfish and did there own thing.

Finally, the real problem. If I see another SD Gundam i’m gonna scream. This is all we got in season two. It was like every other character had an SD gundam including Fumina. I hate them so much. You replace things like wing gundam and unicorn for this garbage.

In the end if you’re a fan of other gundam series I recommend checking out GBF simply because of the modified gundams we see. It’s very fun trying to figure out what classic gundams were put together to create something new. Also if you have a younger sibling/ child who you think might like this then I recommend it. It’s not violent and it’s really colorful.

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Gundam Build Fighters

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